FAQs about the Hernia Repair and Surgery

Did you know you can have a hernia repaired by a procedure with a low complication rate, with slim to no chance of the hernia ever coming back, very low chronic pain rate, and no need for mesh?

Maybe you have heard that someone had a hernia repaired but it came back, or they had ongoing pain after the repair. Finding good answers to questions about hernias and the different methods or repairing them can be a challenge.

Question: What is Hernia?

Answer: A hernia is a weakness in your abdominal muscles that allows for a bulge that you may or may not see.

Sometimes what prompts a clinical exam by the doctor is pain, or a vague ache. This will likely compromise your ability to do the normal physical ability that you normally can accomplish.

Your employer will likely be very concerned in your ability to do your job successfully in your current condition, and will encourage you to have this taken care of or at least examined by a surgeon. You may actually be put on leave till this is addressed to their satisfaction.

We don’t know the reasons for the weakness in the muscle that generates this condition, but we are very good at diagnosing it.

Question: How are hernias repaired?

Answer: Repairs, however, are many, and mostly use mesh for a screen or patch they can be laparoscopic or just an open procedure with one incision. Recurrence rate can vary from 4% to higher than 15%. The same also goes for chronic pain after the repair. Your surgeon should discuss this possibility as part of the consent process.

Question: Is it possible to live with a hernia and avoid repair?

Answer: Yes, but it may not appeal to your linking when you look in the mirror. More important, it will likely compromise your daily activity, prevent you from keeping your job because of your inability to complete your tasks, and prevent you from playing with your children, or participating in extracurricular activities, competitive and non-competitive. And you may be at risk of it progressing and strangulating, which can be very dangerous. Strangulated hernias can be fatal; they are surgical emergencies.

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