Recovery from Hernia Surgery

Once you’ve undergone a successful hernia surgery with the experts at our medical center, it’s time to begin the recovery process. And because our surgeons are often able to use the latest minimally invasive hernia surgery techniques, recovery from hernia surgery is easier and less painful than with open techniques.

What to Expect During Recovery from Hernia Surgery

Even patients who’ve undergone minimally invasive hernia surgery can expect to experience some pain and discomfort after their procedure. The amount of pain and discomfort depends largely on the specific surgery and pain tolerance of each patient. Some of the most common issues experienced by patients after hernia surgery include swelling, discoloration, and bowel discomfort.

Swelling is common during recovery from hernia surgery. It typically happens around the site of the operation. While men often experience of the penis and scrotum, women may notice swelling of the labia. It is also common for patients to experience discoloration in these areas. However, the swelling and discoloration will pass within a few days of the surgery.

Diarrhea is another common side effect of hernia surgery. In some cases this can be caused by the antibiotics that are given after surgery. Rather than diarrhea, some patients experience constipation due to the pain medication they’ve been given.

Activity Guidelines While Recovery from Hernia Surgery

Most patients are free to resume normal activity after undergoing hernia surgery. With the exception of certain types of exercise and weightlifting, patients are free to walk, drive,, and complete other daily tasks. For the first day or two, patients are encouraged to stay active. Climbing stairs or walking is fine during this time. Patients can also shower after one or two days.

It is also important during the days immediately following surgery to keep the incision covered and monitored it to be sure if doesn’t get infected. Common signs of infection include redness, a feeling of heat, and tenderness.

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