What are Piles or Hemorrhoids?

Piles or hemorrhoids are rarely life threatening or dangerous to the patient, but they can be a pain in the butt of the patient. Piles generally are painful, but they can also bleed, itch and even protrude which are common.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are conditions which are basically also known as Piles. They are considered as swelling of the blood vessels which are also enlarged. They are uncomfortable lumps inside or around the rectum and anus. The problem with hemorrhoids is that they are considered a problem only when they itch, bleed, swell or prolapse.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Anything which increase the pressure around the anus can cause hemorrhoids. They basically are blood vessels which swell like little ballons, causing the discomfort.

Some examples include:

  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Pregnancy
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Chronic liver disease

Your risk of hemorrhoids are greater

  • If some one in your family has a history with hemorrhoids
  • If you are over the age of 45
  • Or if you are overweight

How would you know if you have hemorrhoids

  • If you see spots of blood in the stool once the motion has passed
  • You have pain while passing a stool
  • If there is a lump around the anus which needs to be pushed in as a reason once the stool has passed
  • And if there is some mucous in the toilet after passing a stool.

What are the different types of hemorrhoids?

  1. Internal hemorrhoids are basically of 4 grades
  • When the swelling is present but is not visible externally
  • When there is a large swelling of the anus, which protrudes outwards when passing the stool and needs to be pushed back once done
  • Prolapsed hemorrhoids are outside the anus and can be pushed back
  • Large hemorrhoids that cannot be pushed back

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