The Appendix: Some Common Myths and Questions

The appendectomy is the most common surgery which is performed in the healthcare setup. But the main concern is what is the appendix and why does it send so many people to the emergency room for surgery every day. To know more we shed some light on the appendectomy.

What does the appendix do?

The appendix can be defined as a small, finger like projection which comes out of the large intestine on the right sight of the abdomen of the body. And it weighs just about an earthworm, therefore the name vermiform appendix.

Everyone’s appendix is different, some are long and some are short and stubby. But one thing can be deducted that they are not required to live a long, fruitful life.

What causes appendicitis?

Bacteria flows in out of the appendix in the body of a normal human being. Sometimes this appendix gets blocked caused due to constipation, a hard piece of stool called a “facelith”, or an enlarged lymph node.

This blockage causes the bacteria in the appendix to get blocked and not be allowed to flow naturally, which causes them to fester and multiple which leads to inflammation of the organ. If left untreated, the appendix can explode leading to the emission of bacteria into the body.

What are the signs of appendicitis?

The causes of appendicitis are known now, but what are the signs. These include:

  • Sudden severe pain
  • Pain that starts near the belly button and moves to the lower abdomen on the right side
  • Fever, nausea or vomiting

To diagnose appendicitis, the radiologists and doctors at the hospital will perform a ultrasound can on the abdomen and a blood test. While many hospitals require that in order to diagnose appendicitis they need a CT scan, we at our hospital have the experience and expertise to diagnose using an ultrasound. In order to minimize your child’s exposure to radiation, if the ultrasound in inconclusive the radiologist may conduct a CT scan.

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