Let's Fight The Piles, Live Pain-free

Laser Treatment For Piles

What are Piles?

Hemorrhoids or piles are swellings containing enlarged blood vessels that are found inside or around the rectum and anus. Hemorrhoids result from increased pressure on the anus.

What are the Symptoms?

  • Blood in stools
  • Pain while defecating
  • Mucus discharge while defecating
  • Painful hard lump in the anus
  • Itching sensation around the anus
  • Feeling of fullness in the bowels even after passing a stool

What are the Implications of Piles?

If untreated, hemorrhoids may cause complications such as anemia and weakness due to the chronic blood loss during defecation. There is a risk of developing strangulated haemorrhoids where the blood supply of a prolapsed pile gets obstructed by the constriction of the anal sphincter.

Treatment For Piles

The treatment of piles varies from person-to-person, depending on the extent of damage from hemorrhoids.

Difference between Surgical and Non-Surgical (Laser) Procedure

Surgical (Open Procedure) Non-surgical (Laser)
Invasive- cutting the wound with blade Non-Invasive procedure
Blood loss No loss of blood
Highly painful Less painful
Hospitalization for few days Day care procedures (discharge in few hours)
Wound dressing for few days No dressing required
Bed rest required Best rest not required - Quick recovery
Possibility of recurrence No recurrence